Clementine Ford — The Turning Point


In episode 3 of the Meanjin Narratives podcast, Clementine Ford reads her essay from Meanjin’s Winter 2018 edition. ‘The Turning Point’ begins with the author reflecting on an abuse of power that was done to her as a child, and goes on to explore the wider culture of systemic misogyny and oppression in historical and contemporary times, as well as the pervasive influence of sexism in popular culture. Ford examines the #MeToo movement and wonders whether, as a protest against the values of President Donald Trump and galvanised by the fall of Harvey Weinstein, we might have reached some kind of turning point.


→ Clementine Ford, ‘The Turning Point‘ from Meanjin’s Winter 2018 edition
→ Thanks to Aitua for use of their track ‘Wings II – Animato‘ licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0



Clementine Ford

Clementine Ford is a Melbourne-based writer, speaker and author of the best-selling book Fight Like A Girl. Her follow up, Boys Will Be Boys, will be published in October 2018.