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Women Behaving Badly?

Sophie Cunningham
The Age sacked Catherine Deveny yesterday for her ‘tasteless’ tweets at the Logies. This is not longer after there was some complaint about her Anzac day tweets. Yes, her tweets are tasteless. They are also under her own name and ...


Sophie Cunningham
In the Weekly Book News this week was the following announcement: PENGUIN CONFIRMS COOKBOOK PULPED 'Penguin pulped 7000 copies of the Pasta Bible (ISBN 9780143011071) earlier this month due to a typo that could be considered offensive. New stock will ...
Shadow of a Game: Locating Soccer in Australian Cultural Life by Ian Syson

Shadow of a Game: Locating Soccer in Australian Cultural Life

Ian Syson
Despite its worldwide popularity, soccer in Australia has long struggled to gain a proper foothold. Shunted to one side as a ‘foreign’ sport, the beautiful game has languished on the sidelines while the AFL and Rugby leagues rose to prominence ...

Literary Blockbusters and the Zeitgeist

Jane Gleeson-White
I'’m fascinated by literary blockbusters, books that sell in the millions worldwide and create their own language and cultures, like Harry Potter, The Da Vinci Code and Twilight. These books owe their success to more than just their easy reading ...

Super Fun Happy: Jessica Au Japanese Barcodes

Jessica Au
Here's something rather sugoi in terms of graphic design - Japanese firm d-barcode and its American counterpart Barcode Revolution, have taken the humble icon and made it a cheeky, quirky, clever form of illustration all on its own. Have a ...
Creative writing courses vs writers’ groups by Jessica Au

Creative writing courses vs writers’ groups

Jessica Au
The other day, I was having a chat with the lovely Bel Monypenny, editor of Voiceworks, on the topic of workshopping and learning how to write. I remember enthusing widely about my writers’ group (which I suddenly realise I’ve been ...

Does Anyone Remember The Quinkins?

Jessica Au
The other day I was pleasantly wasting time on Skylark and Son, when I came across this mention of The Quinkins, a wonderful children’s picture book written by Percy Trezise and illustrated by Dick Roughsey. This book made a huge ...
On Warne by Ed Cowan

What books should I buy a 9-year-old girl?

Sophie Cunningham, Sophie Cunningham
If you don’t have kids, or even if you do, figuring out what to buy them between about six and twelve years of age is tough because they all read so differently. I put a bit of work into getting ...
MWF ‘11 Coverage: Anna Funder in Conversation by Rebecca Bauert

E-Reader Roundup: From Apples to iLiads

Jessica Au, Jessica Au
E-readers are being bandied about left, right and centre, and indeed there always seems to be one that will be better/faster/prettier/smaller/smarter just around the corner. As far as I can tell, e-readers haven’t really taken off in Australia beyond the ...

My Beautiful Libraries

Jessica Au
What good bookbuff doesn’t love a library? And I mean heart and soul want-to-roll-around-in-the-dust-and-must-from-the-shelves type of love. Here are a few shots of some absolutely beautiful beehived bibliotheques from Curious Expeditions. Our own State Library of Victoria makes the cut, ...

The Australian Cover of the Death of Bunny Munro

Nick Cave's latest novel, is called The Death of Bunny Munro. It's due for an August release and is published by Text Publishing. To celebrate its release Meanjin is running a long essay by Mark Mordue on the life and ...
On the Wire by Jessica Au

On the Wire

Jessica Au
Last week, I came across this article in the New York Observer, which effectively raises the question ‘do novelists have a duty to write more about contemporary social issues?’ Walter Benn Michaels, a professor of American literature and theory at ...