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Show Your Love with Meanjin this Valentine's Day

Meanjin February 06


Looking for love? Or just after a fellow lit-lover in your small town? Perhaps you want to tell your significant other (or others) how they make you feel, or even your favourite writer (or lit journal). There’s really no better way to express your passions than through a classified ad.

This week we’re offering all current (and new) Meanjin subscribers a free Valentine’s Day personal ad in the Meanjin Classifieds.

Subscribers can email with your personal ad (max 400 characters) before 12 February, all ads* will be published on the 14th.

Not a subscriber? Subscribe today!

Wish to place an ad without subscribing? Purchase here.

*So long as they don’t break any laws. Except syntactic laws, to which love is blind.



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