There’s an awful lot of writing-about-writing around, but then some of it’s awfully good...  >

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What I'm Reading—Sarah Burnside

Sarah Burnside October 27

There’s an awful lot of writing-about-writing around, but then some of it’s awfully good... More


Grief, Loss and Australian Fiction

Eliza Henry-Jones October 22

Writing a novel lends itself to the exploration of grief, the way that sadness surges and recedes. A novel allows for immersion. It allows readers to be swallowed, to disappear into the narrative. More


What I'm Reading—Bronwyn Mehan

Bronwyn Mehan October 20 the face of a gaping hole in Australian literary criticism, I will end with a description of my fantasy academic hardback with silver lettering. More


What I'm Reading—Julie Chevalier

Julie Chevalier October 06

I’m a short fiction tragic. I read for enjoyment and relaxation but also to learn how to write better. More


Arts funding and policy bodies come to understand the nature of artistic practice through their relationship with what they fund. More


What I'm Reading—Jo Case

Jo Case September 29

I have been reading about grief, loss and resilience. About rebuilding, renewal, and writing new life narratives. More

Thanks so much for the kind comments, all. This was a daunting piece to share, so it’s wonderful to know it resonated.

Dianne, it’s especially good to know that you’ve found it useful in the midst of your own grief (though of course not that...


An Ocean Distilled

Lou Heinrich September 26

Popova sees her role as distilling the ocean of information available in the world, and repackaging them into consumable bites. In essence, Brainpickings makes big ideas accessible. More


What I'm Reading—AJ Betts

AJ Betts September 08

I wish I could read faster, but when I open a book, my whole body slows down as I let the prose find its rhythm. Sometimes I forget the story altogether, luxuriating in the words. More

I love the way you write, AJ. You convey your joy and intelligence through it. – Emily


Works in translation

Zora Sanders September 05

It is up to us as English speakers and readers to forge a market for these works, to show that we want to know about the rest of the world, even if we don’t yet speak its language. More


What I'm Reading—Sophie Lloyd

Sophie Lloyd September 01

Finding things within books has become such a pleasure that I now deliberately leave my bookmarks tucked tightly into the binding. More

Your piece made me think of all of the airline tickets I have left in books during my travels to and from Tasmania. I guess people usually say that books take us places, but it is good to remember that we take books places too. Like every good...

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