I did not mean to become a poet. The dream of emerging as the next Great American Novelist tasted so sweet in my imagination.  >

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What I'm Reading—Young Dawkins

Young Dawkins July 28

I did not mean to become a poet. The dream of emerging as the next Great American Novelist tasted so sweet in my imagination. More


What I'm reading—James Ross-Edwards

James Ross-Edwards July 21

You spend so much energy inventing single-minded crap about frozen garlic bread that the bit of your brain that can absorb five hundred pages of uncertainty just shuts down. More


On Translating Love and Fuck Poems

Koraly Dimitriadis July 02

Hearing my poems in Greek, in the first language I was taught by my parents, made them sound more powerful and intense, almost as if they were meant to be in the Greek language all along. It wasn’t just the language drawing me in, it was Cyprus. This was the first time I had rented a flat and stayed on my own in Cyprus. Usually I stay with family. I was working and living Cyprus. And I was in love with my island and my language. More

Hi Marissa, thanks for your comments. I do feel that in the Australian literary landscape there is a very narrow view of what poetry is. But there are ways around that. Keep doing what you’re doing. :)


The internet is an important player in my reading. I am forever looking up things that drift into my mind from the books I am reading. More


Forgotten Arts Audiences?

Esther Anatolitis June 27

Audiences for the arts are growing and diversifying, and yet these strengths are not reflected in consistent, sustained, strategic commitments to the arts at the state and federal level. Could a focus on audiences reverse this trend, without eschewing artistic leadership? More


I have this hope that insisting on clearer, wiser sentences, we may grow wiser ourselves. And learning how to write with more wit and grace and power is not possible without poetry. More


It’s true that poets have a kind of pirate code, a feature of which is the ‘book swap’—a poet of any standing can approach you at any time asking to exchange their book for yours. More


Episode five of the Meanjin podcast features Luke Ryan on scars, both literal and metaphorical, Ellena Savage from Bougainville and Jill Jolliffe on the life of a foreign correspondent More

Wow. Affirm Press rocking this podcast.


... no single child would linger in any one part of childhood long enough for us to get through all the ‘classics’ appropriate to that age ... I was going to need a minimum of three kids. More

Absolutely what kids are for. And it comes round again with the grandchildren!

Hugh Lofting’s Dr Doolittle was a major part of my animal-obsessed childhood, but I’ve been shy of bringing him out for the new generation on account of the racial...


Like A Writing Desk

Erin Bretherton June 13

When I tell someone I write radio plays, nine times out of ten they say they've never heard a radio play before or that they didn't know they were still on the radio. People think of them as quaint and old-worldly ... More

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